Specialty Coatings
for Medical Devices

Innovative medical contract cleaning and coatings

At TUA Systems, we are committed to finding the correct coating for your device.

That’s why we coat your samples for free.

Innovative Coatings

TUA has developed proven coatings with a product line that has the adaptability of meeting customer’s specific needs.

Consistent Applications

By utilizing an ionic-exchange process, TUA coatings produce a consistent covalent bond between the formulas and substrate.

Prolific Treatments

TUA’s in-house cleaning and coating methods provide for scalable quantities and productive, efficient turn-around times.

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We’ve coated 52 million+ devices since 1988.

Our applications and processes produce quality, consistent bonding every time.
We have the right coating for your device – and we’ll work with you until we find the perfect solution.


Proprietary Coatings


Years in Business


Million Devices Coated
Proprietary Coatings
Years in Business
Devices Coated

Here’s how to get started:

Request a Sample Run

Reach out so we can discuss your product. Then we’ll sign an NDA and you can send a small number of samples to be coated.

Test Your Samples

Once you receive your coated samples, try them out. “if you find you need something different, we’ll work together to get it right before production.

Produce Your Product

When your product is ready for production, you can count on us to be your coating partner. We can handle orders of any size.

Our Solutions

All coatings meet CLASS VI biocompatibility testing to include Cytoxicity, Intracutaneous Irritation, Acute Systemic Toxicity and Allergic Sensibilization. 


We offer a hydrophilic lubricious coating that helps improve patient comfort when applied to medical devices like catheters, guidewires and other short-term implanted devices.


Hydrophilic coatings participate in dynamic hydrogen bonding with surrounding water. In most cases, hydrophilic coatings are also ionic and usually negatively charged, which further facilitates aqueous interactions.


TUA Systems’ Heparin-Complex-T™ is an anti-clotting agent with indications for use on all vascular devices. It may be bonded to most all device materials including metal, plastic, glass and Teflon®.


TUA has developed an ionically-bonded PTFE which provides the ultimate in release and lubricity qualities to the surface on which it is applied.

TUA coatings are versatile with endless application possibilities.

Our coatings increase lubricity while locking in the current state of the treated product with a consistent, protective barrier.


ISO certified, thermal stable, and biocompatible device coating solutions


Prosthetic devices, bone fillers, plates and screws, permanent implants


Stents, probes, guidewires, implantable devices, catheters, needles


Contact lens care, delivery instruments, retinal implants, intraocular lenses

Finding the right coating for your device is essential to creating a successful product.

At TUA Systems, we’ll work with you until it’s right.
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