TUA Coating Solutions


Collaboration is central to our service delivery philosophy. Working beside you every step of the way, we guide you to an end goal of improving medicine.


From research and development through to implementation, our clients benefit from our tailored approach to medical coating for all of your product needs.


The evolution of medical coating has developed and evolved because of advances in technology. We utilize these advances to improve your organization.


TUA has a dependable track record for efficient processing, accurate delivery times and shipping relationships to ensure your timelines are uninterrupted


How we started

Founded in 1988 in Connecticut, Dr. Theodore W. Unkel opened the doors of TUA Systems after a career in the medical device industry. Combining professional experience and medical insight, Dr. Unkel developed a complete line of lubricious coatings through innovative processes specific to the medical community. TUA grew into a dynamic company with solutions that transcend industries, establishing a reputation of quality and consistency.

Where we are today

Upholding the legacy of Dr. Unkel, TUA continues to refine its coatings and processes to be the best contract cleaner and coater worldwide. The benefits of TUA coatings are undeniable. We continue to push the envelope through inventive and custom formulas. We stress customer satisfaction through superior product, open communication, and care from shipment in to shipment out. TUA’s foundations will always remain with an eye on quality, reliability and efficiency – you can depend on TUA for your coating needs.


Constantly work to perfect what we already do best


Customers come first, both product and people


Recognize our customer’s needs, and consistently meet them


Excel in quality and care while being efficient


Reengage innovation and explore opportunity


Invest in our relationships and build on those

Why should you select TUA for your medical coating needs?

TUA is a Solution You Can Trust

We have earned our position as a world leader in biomaterials in two ways.

First, we’ve created a wide variety of standard, high-quality biomedical materials available to companies seeking to create new devices or improve existing ones.

Second, we’ve partnered with medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, large and small, to offer customized solutions that meet their individual needs and exact specifications.

Our wide array of technology platforms enables us to continue to develop innovative materials and devices as standard and custom solutions for our partners.

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