The Process

TUA Systems’ innovative cleaning and coating process sets the bar in the industry with consistent application time after time producing dependable results with its custom line of prolific coatings.

Our Two-Step Process


All parts to be coated are first cleaned using a high electrostatic sterile de-ionized water solution. The parts are either dipped or sprayed into the cleaning solution. Parts are dried via ambient temperature and sent to the waiting area for coating.


Depending on the size, volume, configuration, substrate or mechanical characteristics, all parts to be coated are either sprayed or dipped All TUA formulas are applied via Ionic-Exchange. TUA formulas contain hydro/halo carbons of which post application “flash”, resulting in a covalent bond between the formulas and the substrate TUA coatings last the lifetime of the original device coated. Thickness of TUA formulas is completely dependent on the formula applied and the original substrate of the device coated.


TUA’s process ensures a consistent application without restriction of quantity. The result is a quantifiable advantage to timeliness of product cycle through efficient operations from receipt to shipment and single run quality. Product post-coating is simplified, as the covalent bond created allows for ease of handling without special packaging or direction. Subsequently, ease of use is also enhanced as the focus is purely on the benefits attained – and ultimately, shows the TUA advantage.
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