Coating Licensing

TUA traditionally coats all products in-house, though we understand that in certain circumstances this may not be the best solution for your delivery commitments.  We can establish a licensing agreement, with our services, knowledge and experience always available in order to answer any questions you may have towards the efficient and successful implementation of any of our coatings into your process or production line.  If needed, we will even visit your facilities and provide hands-on assistance in the feasibility of establishing a coating department or modification of your existing procedures.  The steps taken in acquiring a licensing agreement are explained below:

  • STEP 1

    Complimentary sample run, similar to our core process, in which you will send product to TUA in order to identify the right solution from its current line-up of coatings.  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • STEP 2

    Additional sample run, if necessary, will be charged at a standard lot fee.

    Custom Blends:

    An R&D purchase order will need to be issued to initiate the custom blending of formulas per customer requirements.  The PO will be posted for 100 hours for a fee of $150 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum time per trial (blending to include testing usually takes between 7-8 hours).

  • STEP 3

    Upon selecting the formula that meets the customer requirements, TUA will generate a per piece price quotation based on the quantity / complexity of coating the device at TUA’s facility.

    The license agreement will contain some combination of the following:

    • Base license fee paid in full or installments
    • Royalty per piece of each device coated
    • Price per pint / liter / gallon / drum of formula
    • Legal fees, travel expenses and per diem charge for start-up assistance and any travel
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