Ionic PTFE

TUA has developed an ionically-bonded PTFE which provides the ultimate in release and lubricity qualities to the surface on which it is applied


Ionic PTFE™ differs in important ways from the standard baked on PTFE coating that has been used for so many years. Ionic PTFE™ is clear, and will not flake, crack, nor add rigidity to a device.Ionic PTFE™ treated devices may be sterilized by steam, gamma, E-beam or ETO methods. TUA’s process allows for the treatment to provide an extremely long functional life for the surface on which it is applied, a significant advantage in the extended life span and substantial cost reduction to the user.
Ionic PTFE™ capabilities surpass those of any other coating or treatments of this type. The process is 100% reproducible with thickness in the micron range. Ionic PTFE™ can be applied to steel, nickel titanium, platinum, gold, plastics, glass and fabrics, and can easily be applied to both inner and outer surfaces.
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