TUA Systems offers the most modern selection of hydrophobic formulas for coating needs, represented by the Hydro-Sil™ product line


Hydro-Sil™ is a highly effective, economical coating suitable for all applications where lubricity is the primary objective. Using a foundation of a specially formulated high viscosity pure silicone, TUA uses its custom application methods to produce one of the most versatile coatings available in today’s marketplace. Since the introduction of Hydro-Sil™ in 1989, Hydro-Sil™ has emerged as our most popular coating for lubricity indications.
Hydro-Sil™ has a wide range of possible applications. However, its unique characteristics have special applications for catheters, guidewires, stylets and other devices where ease of insertion and manipulation are very important. Hydro-Sil™ can be combined with Heparin-Complex-T™ during application to provide anti-clotting effects when desired.
TUA’s custom application techniques allow for a well-bonded coating of Hydro-Sil™ combining impregnation and typical effects, resulting in a long-term coating with enhanced lubricity. Hydro-Sil™ offers extended life compared to other coatings currently used in the industry, as well as the additional advantage of gamma, E-beam & ETO sterilization. Hydro-Sil™ is heat stable to 1400° F.


  • No flaking or cracking
  • No color consistency problems
  • Gamma sterilization allowed
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Zero level QA reflection rates
  • No prewetting required
  • Use product directly out of sterile package
  • Can effectively be applied to all substrate materials

    Hydro-Sil-D™ is especially effective on small metal, glass and all plastic devices / products where enhanced lubricity is required. Hydro-Sil-D™ is available in an application thickness from .003″ to .000125″.

    Medical applications include catheters (outer and inner diameters), needles, cuvetters, dilator/sheath sets, homeostasis valves, silicone drainage catheters, tubing and many more devices and components. In aerospace and industrial applications, the hydrophobic effect allows for complete elimination of moisture absorption, rust, pitting and swelling.

  • HYDRO-SIL 2000™
    Hydro-Sil 2000™ is a highly specific compound and the most lubricous coating TUA offers, with a reduction in surface friction to almost zero. Hydro-Sil 2000™ is available in both the ionic spray method and ionic dip method, with an application thickness from .0005″ to .00001″. Hydro-Sil 2000™ is ideal for those applications requiring an extremely low coefficient of friction and thinness of the coating treatment.
    Hydro-Sil 2KX™ is an enhanced compound formulated using Dow Corning MDX4-4159 which is specially developed for inner diameter, small bore and nickel titanium wires.
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