TUA Systems’ line of hydrophilic formulas encompass the definition of binding / absorbing water, resulting in swelling and formation of reversible gels – the perfect lubricity in a wet or dry environment


Hydro-Silk™ is a true hydrophilic coating, increasing lubricity in the dry state by as much as 90%. When introduced into a fluid environment, the coating will increase lubricity by as much as 400%. Hydro-Silk™ can be custom blended to meet lubricity requirements of each individual customer device.
Unlike competitive hydrophilic coatings, Hydro-Silk™ does not add rigidity or a significant thickness to the device. Coating thickness ranges are available from .003″ to .000125″, and can be applied to both inner and outer surfaces of catheters and tubing. Hydro-Silk™ will not flake, crack or bubble; a clear coating that can be sterilized by gamma, E-beam or ETO methods.
Hydro-Silk™ has a wide range of applications to include stainless steel; Teflon®, plastic or nickel titanium guidewires; stylets; trocars; catheters and other devices where ease of insertion and manipulation are extremely important.

    Hydro-Silk-IPT™ product line focuses on the ophthalmic industry:

    -Hydro-Silk-IPT™ can be utilized with standard RGP, soft contact lenses, prosthetic glass eyes and sclarel shells

    -Hydro-Silk-IPT-WB™ is for use on IOLs (intraocular lenses)

    -Hydro-Silk-IPT-HDK™ adheres to extremely high-Dk RGP lenses


    Hydro-Slik™ is a unique blend of Hydro-Sil™ and Hydro-Silk™. The result is a hydrophobic-hydrophilic coating that increases lubricity when dry, yet also provides increased lubricity when introduced into a fluid environment (i.e. blood stream, urinary tract etc.)

    Hydro-Slik™ is available in three blends:

    -Hydro-Slik™ 25 (75% hydrophobic / 25% hydrophilic)

    -Hydro-Slik™ 50 (50% hydrophobic / 50% hydrophilic)

    -Hydro-Slik™ 75 (25% hydrophobic / 75% hydrophilic)

    Similar to Hydro-Sil™, no prewetting, special training or protocols are required. Hydro-Slik™ offers all of the advantages of Hydro-Sil™ including increased lubricity, anti-clotting effects, no flaking or cracking, no color consistency problems and it can be sterilized by gamma, E-beam or ETO methods. Hydro-Slik™ is Class VI approved.

    Due to the unique blending and ionic impregnation of the Hydro-Slik™ compound, dissipation of the Hydro-Slik™ is strictly controlled. Unlike pure hydrophilic coatings, there is no significant bolus release into the fluid environment.

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