Heparin Complex T

TUA Systems’ Heparin-Complex-T™ is an anti-clotting agent with indications for use on all vascular devices


Heparin-Complex-T™ may be bonded to most all device materials including metal, plastic, glass and Teflon®. Two Heparin-Complex-T™ coatings are available:

-Sodium Heparin is converted into a water soluble compound with an organic compound, benzalkonium chloride
-Sodium Heparin is combined with an alcohol base with the benzalkonium chloride previously extracted

Special coating and bonding techniques used by TUA Systems provide a superior Heparin coating when compared to most in-house or contract coatings. Heparin-Complex-T™ will not remove due to normal handling during packaging or by end use (most competing Heparin coatings will remove when the device is touched, permitting early clot formation in the touched areas). Additionally, TUA’s Heparin-Complex-T™ has a slower dissipation of Heparin over an extended period.

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