The Applications


ISO certified, thermal stable, and biocompatible device coating solutions


Prosthetic devices, bone fillers, plates and screws, permanent implants


Stents, probes, guidewires, implantable devices, catheters, needles


Contact lens care, delivery instruments, retinal implants, intra ocular lenses


TUA coatings are versatile, which enables endless application possibilities. The advantages of the TUA coating line and application process are invaluable, increasing lubricity while locking in the current state of the treated product with a consistent, protective barrier. As some treatments are distinct to certain materials, the direct demands of the customer help drive which TUA coatings will enhance the usefulness and useful life of the product.
The antibacterial and antithrombosis effects of TUA coatings in connection with the enormous benefit of increased lubricity make them perfect for the medical industry, including catheters, introducers, guidewires, stylets, needles, stents, drainage tubes, feed tubes, temporary and permanent leads, orthopedic devices and surgical instruments. The additional comfort provided to contact lenses is unmatched. TUA’s process allows for consistent results and a dependable coating that will not crack or flake while constantly delivering lubricious results.
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