Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industries does TUA serve?

    TUA serves medical, orthopedic, surgical, and ophthalmic providers with medical coating solutions that are versatile, which enables endless application possibilities. Learn more here.

  • Does TUA provide samples?

    Yes.  You will be responsible for shipping fees.  Please click here to contact us for more information on free samples of medical coating solutions.

  • How can I contact TUA?

  • What type of coatings do you offer?

    At TUA we offer the following medical coating solutions:


  • Do your coatings meet Class VI biocompatibility testing?

    Yes, all of our coatings meet CLASS VI biocompatibility testing to include Cytoxicity, Intracutaneous Irritation, System Acute Toxicity and Allergic Sensibilization. Regulatory information is contained in drug Master File 1499 shared between Dow Corning and TUA Systems of Florida, Inc.

  • How does licensing work?

    Licensing is a three step process:


    1. Free samples
    2. Research and development, and product blends
    3. Quotation based on the quantity/complexity of coating the device


    Click here to learn more about licensing

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